Our take on the Olympics

Written by Deano
Thursday, 18 April 2013 10:40

I'm never too sure on how to open a blog up, do I say Hello? Although I'm never too sure on who I'm talking to or do I introduce myself? Although, that would be a hard task, considering I'm still as elusive as that annoying fly that happens to spoil your view of the TV. Or do I simply avoid an awkward opening by describing how awkward it is to write up an intro? Well.....

So what does an Intern do in their spare time? Well, I for one was a like the millions glued to my seat watching the Olympics for the past 17 days, flicking from channel to channel to catch a glimpse of a the world’s best athletes, albeit with a pesky fly on my TV screen throughout.

It seemed like the world stopped in awe of the achievements that all the athletes conquered throughout the Games.

All of the negative press around will the venues being ready? Will we have adequate security? What about the traffic jams? Why can't I get tickets? & of course the main one, how much is it all going to cost?!
These all seemed to disappear in a sense of the nations pride after we seen TeamGB take to the medal podium time and time again.

Every single medal not being that of an individual achievement but as a collective nation’s achievement, building confidence and pride in everyone whilst constantly strengthening the London 2012 motto.

Inspire A Generation.

Now that it's the post Olympic depression, everyone seems to be asking, what was your favourite moment?. Now I'm sat here thinking how can anyone pick out their favourite moment? That's like asking a parent who their favourite child is, or its even like asking me who my favourite Avenger Hero is, if you read the last blog, you'd know that its stupid to ask ;), and if you didn't, well you missed out. But saying all that I can actually say I do know what my favourite moments of the Olympics were, there's 5 of them, but I'm only going to reveal one of them today.

One of my favourite moments, had to be the closing ceremony, and no, not for the Spice Girls. It was Lord Coe's speech and for those that don't know, Lord Coe is actually an honorary graduate of the University of Sunderland. Anyways, his speech was a celebration of the games, a celebration of achievement and a celebration of London. Now of course you'd hear people cheer when he said people’s names who they knew, but the biggest cheer was for the volunteers. The stadium erupted with admiration for the thousands of volunteers who helped make the games happen, as without those volunteers, the games wouldn't have ran smooth and wouldn't have been as enjoyable for us the viewer and especially for the athletes!

So, this makes me think about how much volunteering sets you apart, and spurred me on to Tweet asking who has volunteering on their CV! I'm not just saying it for the sake of it, volunteering is HUGE for employers. Volunteering not only shows you can manage your time, but it shows you want to learn and develop, it shows your dedication, and it really does set you apart from others!

So, trying to keep this as short as possible, I'll leave it there, just like I left the fly on the TV screen this morning. But, if anyone out there does have volunteering on their CV, (or even if you don't) why don't you send your CV over to us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it and if you are a graduate from any university, our Graduate Internship Scheme Team will pick it up, and if you are a 2012 University of Sunderland Graduate, you can be sure that this Intern will be picking it up!


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