New Arrivals

Written by Deano
Thursday, 18 April 2013 10:48

So, we haven't been blogging in a while and I guess you can put that down to a few things;

  1. We've been swamped with work recently
  2. We totally forgot to update this

It's actually probably all 3 of them mixed in with the new intake of students making the campus busy every single day. It's surely affected us having the students back, I mean now I have to queue for another few minutes in the Greggs line for my morning pain au chocolat. Although, I wouldn't change that back as there is a real buzz around the university when students are here.

Right, so what have I been doing, we'll apart from standing in line each morning at Greggs of course.

We've been hard at work, as we are everyday, making sure we are speaking to companies to tell them the benefits of taking on a graduate intern and how that intern can develop their business to telling our students of how they can fit in and how we can help them find their step onto the graduate career ladder.

I've always hated that saying actually, career ladder, we all know what it means and we all use it, some more than others actually, its to cliche, its old and outdated, I'd much prefer to use the term career escalator, it sums up our service a lot better. A ladder you have to climb up manually and make sure that you are stable enough to keep climbing by yourself, whereas an escalator, you simply step on and off you go. We act as the escalator giving you support to go further, and you, well you choose the speed of it.....

So if you're a 2012 Graduate of the University of Sunderland, why not jump on our escalator? and if you're a company, why not help us build and escalator in your business?

If you've been reading these blogs, you will have probably realised by now that I'll always but an innovative spin on these kind of cliche sayings. And if you haven't, well I could only encourage you to scroll down and read the rest.

So over the past month or so we've been placing quality graduates in the workplace, and yes, that is one of our company taglines...

We've placed a lot more graduates into organisations and we've had a flourish of new organisations coming forward, so we've developed our portal, and by that I mean I've learnt a bit of website design and HTML to display new posts on our website.

Now for those that know, I'm not an IT graduate so why do I do it?
It's simple, I like every other intern we've recruited, will go above and beyond my role, and yeah, I bet you expected me to say that but I really mean it and there's a reason for it, as right now I'm not just working to develop the company, I'm working to develop myself as well.........and there's me going fast on the escalator right now........and I wonder if you we're just thinking that escalator speech wasn't going to amount to anything......

To take a look at what we've been doing, visit our vacancies page where you'll be able to see everything about the roles we have available, and you'll even be able to apply, we've made it easy for you again, ....a bit like standing on an escalator...

Now I'm going to leave it at that for now, but I will be blogging a lot more so make sure you keep checking back here as well as through Facebook and Twitter. But, before I do go, we've had a few of our new interns, again doing much more than their job role who are going to be guest blogging on here sometime soon to tell you their story and their journey on the escalator.....

They'll be going under a different alias other than Intern001 though..


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