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Friday, 20 July 2012 14:55

Open to all organisations regardless of size and location, Sunderland Intern Factory enables organisations to access the support of the University of Sunderland to recruit talented graduates to undertake short or longer term positions.

An Intern is a recent graduate who will work to develop appropriate skills and experience for a graduate level career rather than merely employment.

The Intern will be employed by Sunderland Intern Factory on a fixed term contract and be based full-time in the organisation (working to the terms and conditions of the organisation’s contract of employment) for a period of three to twelve months.

The cost to the host organisation will be £17,465+VAT pro-rata, which covers salary, national insurance and other expenses. Organisations can choose to pay more and will be billed accordingly on a 30 day invoice.

Benefits to Employers

  • Receive expert recruitment support from University staff
  • Interns contribute new energy and ideas to the workplace
  • Interns are employed by Sunderland Intern Factory
  • Access quality candidates and evaluate the Intern for potential longer term employment

The Process

  • Organisations will be required to complete a short Business Proposal Document which identifies the work to be undertaken within the Internship project
  • The graduate challenge of the proposal will be scoped between the organisation and the University and the vacancy will be advertised to the University’s registered graduates
  • Following the University’s Fair Recruitment and Selection Process, details of applicants will be sent to the host organisation for interview short-listing. University staff will then arrange for shortlisted candidates to attend interviews at the organisation’s premises.
  • The organisation is requested to complete a short report upon completion (content from this report may be included within case study material)


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